Liverpool Asphalt Plant

Liverpool Asphalt Plant:

Liverpool Based Project

Job Description:

A Design and Build contract. There are many services Moorhouse Construction Ltd are carrying out for the client. These include subcontracting vibro-piling to main plant bases, demolition of boundary walls and site remediation. We will be carrying out work in civils and construction including a weighbridge base, loading ramp and retaining walls, plant bases, storm and foul drainage, ducts and water supply pipes and approx. 600m sq. of site paving for a new Asphalt Plant being built. These just touch on the main works to be carried out.

This image was taken in August 2016 when works hadn’t begun yet.


This is the site currently, where ground conditions are proving difficult, requiring the need for vibro-piling.


Listed Building to remain

The site has been used for a dumping ground for many years making clearance and levelling quite a large part of the program. To save off-site disposal, the idea of crushing any hardcore found and feeding it back into the ground was another service offered to the client by Moorhouse Construction, to lower costs and improve ground stability.

Trial Pit


Excavation works are currently taken place to ensure a level base for the proposed Asphalt Plant.


The sub-contractors have completed their part of the program; clearance and levelling of the site. Moorhouse Construction Ltd can now follow up with their part of the program. So far, secure fencing has been placed around the entire site and a wedge pit has been excavated and a concrete base poured.

wedge pit