Project Landscaping – Burton-on-the-Wolds:
Stage 1

Current domestic project – Loughborough based.

Job description:

To replace the current landscape with a designed patio area for recreational purposes.

Currently, foundations are being laid on site for the retaining walls for the sleepers. We have been working closely with the client to produce a layout consisting of 3 different levels; each encased by sleepers. Visits to wood yards, landscaping supplies and provided with web and catalogue inspirations means the client is satisfied with both price and quality of material.





Friday 28th October 2016: 

Concrete foundations are poured to support a retaining block wall. A sleeper wall is then tied to the blockwork in front, with each timber accurately sawn to size. The Type 1 was levelled with a fall to drain heavy rain, ready for the slabs and cement to be placed on top. The client also requested foundations for a conservatory to be laid which we gladly did to make it easier in the future for them.

Upper on to lower level

Lower - Levelled Type 1

Upper - Levelled Type 1

Gap in sleepers for stairs

Lower - Type 1

Photos of the finished garden below:

Garden Paved

Garden Paved 2