Liverpool Asphalt Plant

Cemex materials

Moorhouse Construction Limited have successfully completed works for Cemex to construct reinforced concrete foundations for the erection of an Asphalt Plant based at their new site in Liverpool.

The services we have offered on this project include;

• Acting as Principal Contractor.
• Asbestos removal.
• Site regeneration.
• Site investigation works.
• Vibropiling.
• Structural design.
• Topographical surveys and designs.
• Ground replacement.
• Aggregate storage bays.
• Wedge pit.
• Retaining walls.
• Concrete paving.
• Service ducts and utility installation.
• Foundation for processing plant.
• Substation.
• Loading ramp.
• Foul drainage.
• Storm drainage.
• Weighbridge foundation.
• Storage bays.
• Security fencing.

Liverpool 08.09.2016

Liverpool 30.11.2017

Site before works

Trial pit

Loading ramp

Site levelling

Plant base

Loading ramp

Trenched roadway

Concrete Asphalt plant base

Plant Base


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